Additional I/O

Additional EIA-232

Keypad serial port

On-Board EIA-485 (Modbusýÿ) serial port

2 user analog inputs (0 - 6.6 Volts, 12 bits, 100 hz)

Easily configurable from host PC

Real-time feedrate over-ride

Program pausing

Interface board with on-board optical isolation for I/O

Built-in HP-GL w/3D extensions & auto tool changing

CNC (EIA-274) format support

Unlimited job file size

Expansion Ports for custom daughter boards

On-board Ethernet 10Base-TX

Optically Isolated EIA-232 serial port

1 to 4 axes of coordinated motion

Linear, circular, & smooth curve interpolation

Linear and S-curve accelerations

5,000 vector/second sustained calculation and execution rate

Pulse rate output up to 500,000 Hz

+/- 134,217,727 maximum count range per axis (28 bit)

Built-in self testing

On-board voltage monitoring. Brown out protection.

Software shut-down for over/under voltage.

Stand-alone or Hosted operations

32 bit CPU, 133 mhz, 64-bit FPU.

80 bit floating point unit with 64 bit algorithms.

8 Megabytes of RAM - Receive and motion buffers

4 Megabytes of FLASH (3 Mb for user files) - inits, firmware


Real Time Feedrate Override

Spindle Speed Control


Return To Home

Multiple Home Offsets

Find Home (Return to 0)

Set Home


Surface (Z=0)

Cut Speed

And Many others.

EZ Control: Setting the Standard for Ease-Of-Use

The MatCam EZ Control is a stand-alone board system based on the AMD SC520 microprocessor. The use of 64-bit motion profile algorithms using FPGA technology makes our controller excel in high-speed, continuous motion. 5,000 vector/second sustained calculation and execution rate with 1000 line look ahead capacity. All discrete inputs and outputs are optically isolated. Files are received using a high speed direct Ethernet connection via TCP/IP. Files of unlimited size can be executed and started immediately without waiting for the whole job to be loaded (Drip Feed). The controller can interpret HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language), M & G codes (EIA 274D), and our native (Cito) code internally. All programming is done off line and is accessed via our DNC system. The system has s-curve, circular and cubic spline interpolation. All systems are fully 3 dimensional.

EZ Control Features

The MatCam EZ Control used on all of our machines gives MatCam an advantage over the competition and no other system today can offer so many features:

Accepts both G-Code and HPGL files.

Keypad interface with hot key control of all major user functions.

Automatic Z axis surfacing with max depth function for gouge avoidance.

All systems support simultaneous motion in 3 Axis.

Multiple X, Y home or fixture positions

Proximity restart

Digital Programmable Spindle Speed.

Internal diagnostic self test routines

X axis Auto Squaring with Dual X axis motor drive.

Online Keypad Help

Tool Diameter Compensation

Stand Alone Controller: No cards to put in your PC.

The Technical Details

AMD SC520 microprocessor



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