MatCam CNC Knife Cutting Systems





*Closed Cell Foam

*Fiberglass Insulation


*Gasket Materials


*Honeycomb Cardboard

*Single-ply Cloth/Fabric

*Corrugated Cardboard

*VinylV eneers

*Corrugated Plastic

*Leather Goods


*Full range of tables sizes

*MultiVision DIgital Registration System

*HVAC Plasma

*High frequency oscillating

*Ultrasonic frequency

*Drag knife

*Kiss cut





What machine is right for your company? What material do you need to cut? Check out our Material Matrix to help you decide what CNC machine best suits your needs.

* All specifications on all machine models are subject to change without notice.

EZ Knife System

The MatCam EZ Knife system was developed to serve markets that require mechanized knife cutting, creasing, and perforation operations. The EZ Knife system supports tangential drag, oscillating and ultrasonic cutting techniques. Choose from many blade types including rotary, spear point, utility, and more. EZ Knife can be purchased as a stand-alone CNC machine based on the MatCam 1000 Series and 3000 Series motion platforms and can also be added as an option to the 1000, 3000 Router and Plasma Series.

EZ Knife System...

Digital Express Digital Finishing System

The MatCam Digital Express combines high-speed digital registration with powerful routing and knife cutting capabilities in a fast, wide-format sheet fed cutting platform. Companies that are looking for a platform that can register, route, and knife-cut at high speeds will appreciate the affordable price point of the MatCam Digital Express.

MatCam Digital Express...

1000 Series Liner Cutter for HVAC

Unlike other automated liner-cutting systems, the innovative MatCam liner cutter produces no debris, requires no exhaust or fume evacuation, and operates in virtual silence. The HVAC EZ Knife system is available as a stand alone machine or as an option for the 1000 and 3000 Series Plasma systems.

EZ Knife Digital Finish

MatCam 1000 Series Liner Cutter...


Matcam is a global force in mechanized cutting solutions with an install base of more than 7300 units worldwide. We manufacture a broad range of heavy-duty, commercial grade CNCrouter systems designed to:



Our high-value, easy-to-use product line is supported by a worldwide network of more than 70 Regional Technology Centers. There is a MatCam Technology Center near you that has a comprehensive spare parts inventory and factory certified technicians to provide you with post sale training, service and application support.


At MatCam, we have learned that automating a cutting process focuses on sending profits to the bottom line. Our customers want to make accurate parts with less waste, less labour and shorter lead times. Our goal is to provide you with the best CNC Knife value in the industry along with outstanding service and support through a convenient Regional Technology Center.

EZ Knife System

Digital Express

1000 Series Liner Cutter

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