Job Console

Job Console is an interactive graphical interface that shows the machine s operational status and position in real time. Jobs files can be started, stopped, and restarted at any position in both the Machine Code or Graphical Job view. Program icons give quick access to many commands including cut direction, start points, contour points, geometry types, tool selection and much more. Job Console gives the machine operator advanced control in an easy-to-use interface.

MatCam EZ Suite: Power and Control Combined

All MatCam CNC machines use MatCam EZ Suite, which is a complete machine tool management solution that combines several applications to provide user-friendly methods for setting up, managing, updating, and troubleshooting the machine and job files. Operators use some of these applications frequently while other applications run automatically in the background. The EZ Suite applications can be classified as connection related, job file related, or machine related.

Job Reporter

Job Editor

For G-code literate operators or program intensive tasks, the Job Editor application allows operators to preview and edit jobs through resizing, repositioning, or modifying current job files in any way. G-code editing has never been easier because each edit is shown with graphical feedback to the programmer. To assist with job optimisation the user can display the machine rapid moves to verify the efficiency of the file. This information is extremely valuable to advanced programmers helping them minimize production cycle times. A short production cycle means more parts in less time.

The Job Reporter generates reports on machine use and job production cycles. The report results can be filtered and modified to obtain general or specific information. Owners and managers will appreciate Job Reporters custom report generator that permits the complete tracking of machine use and job execution. Create reports that include job file name, job date, time of day, length of job, job completed, paused or cancelled and totals. Job Reporter can be used in billing and job cost analysis. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports can be produced. Reports are broken up into multiple work shifts and can even track a specific job. Once the report is created, the data can be exported using many popular spread sheet or data base formats.