3000 Series CNC Router

Reliable and Precise Cutting Power

Our 3000 Series CNC router has a gentler touch than our high-power 5000 and 7000 Series. That’s what makes this series effective for cutting foam, composite materials, and marine fabrication. Up to 13 horsepower means it still has all the power you need to cut quickly and efficiently.

A high cut speed of 600 mm/sec and rapid traverse of 1,060 mm/sec means no time is wasted when the 3000 Series cuts and moves. And you still get consistently high accuracy with each cut because the 3000 Series CNC router comes with a repeatability of 1/1000th of an inch!

The smaller table size means it fits well in compact production areas. A lower weight of up to 4 tons max also means the 3000 Series CNC router is easier to move around your facility. At the same time, you still have a durable all-steel frame, so you don’t have to worry about damage happening.

The 3000 Series comes loaded with a number of customizable options so you can have it match the needs of your production facility. That includes coolant mist systems so you can keep your cutting clear and cool. And you can also add a 12-position automatic tool changer so you can make any cut on the fly without any manual intervention.

For marine fabrication, cutting foam, and all this done in a compact area, nothing from MatCam tops the 3000 Series CNC router. Call MatCam at 1300matcam today to learn more about the 3000 series and available customizable options.


  • MatCam EZ Control® and EZ Suite®
  • Heavy, all-steel frame reconstruction
  • High-speed 3-axis motion-control system
  • 12MB memory with unlimited file size transfers
  • Automatic tool calibration
  • Brushless digital AC servo drives


  • Table sizes: 50” x 50” to 80” x 241”
  • Vacuum table and pumps
  • Linear automatic tool changer
  • Automatic 12-position rotary turret tool changer
  • CNC Knife with optional cutting heads
  • MultiVision™ Digital Registration System for print registration compensation
  • Spindle options 4 HP to 13.3 HP
  • Coolant mist systems for non-ferrous metal cutting
  • Tangential knife cutters


  • 25mm linear ball-bearing profile rails
  • Z-axis clearance: 6” – 10”
  • Cut speed: 600 mm/sec
  • Rapid traverse: 1,060 mm/sec
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.001”
  • Drive system X and Y-axis: rack and pinion
  • Drive system Z-axis: ball screw
  • Weight: 1,400 to 4,000 kg.
  • Standard work surface: 1” Phenolic


  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Foam
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Composite materials