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Celero-7-Series Flatbed Cutter
CELERO 7 SERIES FLATBED CUTTER Engineered to provide end-users with unparalleled performance as well as pristine cut quality, the Celero 7 Series utilizes linear motors to reach acceleration speeds of 1.2 G’s. With a registration accuracy of .001 inches, the Celero 7 Series of Cutters/Routers provide the industry’s highest quality of accuracy for repeatable cutting....


Celero 4 Series Flatbed Cutter
CELERO 4 SERIES FLATBED CUTTER MatCam’s all-new Celero 4 Series offers the industry’s best all-around cutter in price and performance. Request a Quote Request a Quote Request a Quote "*" indicates required fields HiddenInterested in Full name* First Last Contact Number* Email address* MessageCommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Close...